Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How to disable the login feature in Facebook

facebook_logoFacebook has made a lot of changes recently to safeguard user privacy.

The social networking giant of more than 500 million active users introduced a new feature called Login Notification. Whenever a user logs into his Facebook account from a computer, he/she has add it to a list of trusted devices. 
This feature though useful can be irritating and you can disable it easily.

How to disable login notification in Facebook?

Why the Login Feature in Facebook important?
The login feature helps to keep a track of who is using your Facebook account. This is important as it gives you the exact date\time and the location from where your account was last used. This feature is inspired by a similar feature in Gmail.

1.Click Account at the right hand side top corner of any page in Facebook and click Account Settings

2. Click on the Security tab on the right hand top corner

3. Just uncheck the two below checkboxes and click Save Changes button

Now if you use a mobile device or a laptop to access your Facebook account, you will be prompted to save this device as below:


Click on the Save Browser option and Facebook won't bother you again for this device.
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