How to create a new quiz in facebook using Quizazz

There are a vast majority of cool applications that allow you to create your very own quiz on Facebook.

However a free app called Quizazz easily leads the pack.

 Steps to create a quiz on Facebook
1.  Go to Quizazz page by clicking here: Quizazz on facebook

2.  Log In and give necessary permissions.

3. Select quiz type from the Create Menu. For example Personality Quiz. This will take you back to Quizazz main website. There are a lot of options you can choose as below:

Make sure you have a cool picture for your quiz, nobody likes a quiz which has no pictures.

Enter proper tags for your quiz. This is important as you want other people to find your quiz.

4.  Make sure you fill all the Results

5. Click on Publish at the bottom after you have entered all questions, answers and results.

6. You can always edit you quiz, by going back to Quizazz app and selecting profile.


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Thanks man. That was helpful!

Iffy said...

Nice one. It works. Thanks! :D

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