How to download VEVO videos on YouTube not available in your country


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It is really frustrating to get a message on YouTube that states Vevo has decided to block videos for your country or Vevo is not available in your country. However with the help of a trick in Firefox you can access and download those videos.

What you will need to carry out the trick

1.  Firefox Web Browser
2. User Switcher addon for Firefox

Step 1: Configure User Switcher


In Mozilla Firefox, select Tools. Click  Default User Agent and click iPhone 3.0. Now Firefox will act as an iPhone.

Step 2: Visit the Vevo video channel  on  YouTube


Consider a VEVO channel for Beyonce: beyonceVEVO.


Hover your mouse pointer on a video you want to download and press right click Copy Link Location. Now open Notepad or  any other text editor and paste the contents (Press control + v on windows).

You will get something like this

 To do this you have to make three changes to the above URL in notepad
1. Delete m. before at start
2. Delete client=mv-google#/ in middle

3. Delete client=mv-google at the end

So the final URL will be like

Step 3:  Download YouTube video

Go to Keepvid.


Copy the modified URL from notepad and paste it in Keepvid site and press the Download button.
Now download the videos by  clicking on any of the the four links shown in green.


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