Orkut can kill........


This article is in relation to recent killing of a 20 year old Indian boy Adnan Patrawala.

A girl called "Angel" probably got Adnan to add her as a friend in Orkut .The short friendship resulted in Adnan getting kidnapped and was eventually killed by his abductors.

Angel is the prime suspect. Her profile is now filled with abuses from other orkut members.

So if your using Orkut , be sure of the person,s identity to be on the safer side........

A Report from Ndtv an Indian news channel:

Tejas Mehta
Tuesday, August 21, 2007 (Mumbai)
Mumbai is in shock after the kidnapping and murder of 16 year old Adnan Patrawala allegedly by young men who befriended him through a social networking website.

Three of the alleged killers are in custody and the Mumbai police is looking for two more suspects.

Police sources had first said Adnan was kidnapped and murdered by three friends Sujit Nair, Ayush Bhat and Khimesh Ambavat, who he met on the social networking site Orkut about six months ago.

However, others investigating the case now claim there is no Orkut connection and that Adnan became friends with the three at a gaming centre in the Mumbai suburb of Malad six months ago and the Orkut exchanges came later.

Though, the Orkut angle hasn't been ruled out. The search is still on for a fourth suspect who was chatting to Adnan on Orkut under the name of Angel, most likely a fake ID.

On Saturday evening when Adnan disappeared, he had received several messages from Angel suggesting they meet up. What the police are clear about is the sequence of events.

Brainchild behind kidnapping

Police say the brainchild behind the kidnapping was the oldest of the group, 28-year old Sujit Nair, a former BPO employee who had been out of a job for nearly a year.

Nair had planned to flee to Dubai on Monday after getting the ransom. But police claim that when the boys found out the news had been flashed across the media they got scared.

Also they heard rumours that the investigations into the kidnapping may be handed over to the CBI. So on Sunday night they gave Adnan an alcoholic drink heavily laced with sleeping pills and strangled him inside his car.

But the father of one of the accused 18-year old Ayush Bhat a college student says, his son has been framed. He says Ayush was home on Saturday when Adnan disappeared.

''My son is cooperating with the police. The police had come to our residence on Sunday with two people called Adil and Aafreen and since then my son has been cooperating. I don't know why Ayush has been booked in the case,'' said Arun Bhat, father of the accused.

The incident has once again put focus on the social networking sites and whether there is a need for greater safeguards on the Internet.


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