Do we need so much space?

The e-mail as we know it brought a revolution in the internet.
No longer you had to write messages on paper, you can just type it and
send it via the internet.This happened about 10 years ago.

But with the advent of broadband connections Mail providers like Yahoo,
Google and Hotmail have started giving their customers phenomenal storage.
But do we need so much space?.

A basic Yahoo mail account offers you unlimited storage.A Google account
has over 2 Gbs space.( Google is continuously adding few mbs every minute , if you
want proof just look at the last line when you are signing into a Google account).

But you can send a file of size about 10 Mbs . If you are offering
unlimited storage you should allow a file at least 100Mbs to be sent.

The internet is getting congested with videos, flash etc.the rich companies will
buy more servers and continue to service more and more customers.

But a time will come when today's networks will get completely congested and an era where you had to wait for minutes for a Yahoo page to load will come back.Now that's something to worry about.

What you will do with unlimited storage if you can't access
your account?


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