Orkut Hacked

Unbelievable but true, Orkut has been hacked !

Hackers have gained unrestricted access to Orkut user accounts .It should be noted that your Orkut account is integrated with the rest of Google services.Once a hacker gets access to your Orkut account , he also gets access to Gmail and other Google services.

Modus Operandi:
It all started with multi scraping communities.With multi scrapping you can scrap all your friends at the same time.For that you had to join these communities and add a Javascript code to your browser's address bar.

However, these communities won't tell you how they achieve multi scrapping.
Your username and password is passed to an unauthorized person who joins other nonsense communities and scraps your friends to join a particular community where they promise to teach you how to hack other accounts and albums.You can see the pic below:

Symtoms To Check whether your account is hacked or not:

1. You see communities in your profile that you have not joined.
2. Your friends Receive scraps you have not written.

How To Safeguard your Orkut account.

1.Don't use or join multi scrapping communities.
2.Update your Internet Explorer to version7(Only people having Original Windows Xp should follow this step.)
3.If you can't update your Internet Explorer, use Mozilla Firefox.
4.Don't just close your browser after finishing your Orkut session, LOGOUT PROPERLY.
5.Don't join communities or click on scraps which promise to teach you how to hack other accounts.


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