Blogs won't Die..........

Your very own Blog reflects your views and thoughts.Afer investing so much time in your blog , you decide to kill it.For that, you simply delete it from your blogging servive say like BLOGGER.You may als change the addres of your old blog to make way for a new one(which is not a wise thing to do ,I will tell you later why it is so).But do Blogs really die?
You may be surprised even after death they are virtually present somewhere in cyberspace.

Your Deleted Blog is present in Blog Directories and Search Engines

Even if you delete your blog ,its posts are still present in blog directories and search engines which store them in their respective databases.Take the example of Google.Google stores information about blogs ,particularly Blogger blogs .So just enter a simple query realated to your older blog in google.You will be surprised to see results for your blog ,even if you deleted it three months back.

Changing address of your old blog won't help

Some bloggers tend to change , the address(i.e) of their old blog to make way for a new one.They think they have deleted their old blog .But they are so wrong!
Just type in the address of such old blogs and you will find tt present, as you have left it.On top of it, you can't do anything about it .You can't change back to your old address and delete it, as Blogger will notify you that it has been taken by somebody else!
There are thousands of such blogs,which Blogger is happy to host..........

Final Word:-

“ Blogs just won't Die, even if You kill Them”


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