Do you want to help Google ? Try Google Image Labeler.


Sometimes its really frustrating when a Google image search query shows totally different images than expected.If you are facing this problem ,then you can do your bit to help Google to be better.
The new Google Image Labeler is a new initiative by Google to help its Image Search perform better by allowing users to label images present in the company(Google's) Database.Actually speaking its a game where your are paired with an unknown partner ,with whom you have to label a series of images.Each correct label match fetches your group points.Plus there are certain labels(off-limits) you can't use to label the images.You have just two minutes to label the images(i.e. the game ends in two minutes).
There is a clock which tells you how many seconds are remaining.
After your time runs out , you and your mystery partner will be given a rank on the basis of the points gained.
In short you gain nothing, just a chance to show your nickname to the world.But Google gets people working for it,who are paid nothing.People are much better than bots for naming images.Aren't they?


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