Where to find good Mp3 songs.


Its really hard to find good sites that offer free mp3 songs .


Even if by chance find such sites ,they make it mandatory for you to register.A simple Google search will yield nothing, because the results of the search giant are already manipulated to show only those sites which pay Google ,to be on its search page.

Softwares like Limewire and Utorrent do help in finding good quality songs,However there is always a possibility that you will download a virus instead of a song.

Napster was really a good site that once free songs ,however now it only allows a user to listen
songs online

So where do we get good quality songs?
The answer is
The site is really great and you will loads of free mp3 songs .However one should be careful because the site is dependent on other sites .So if the other site contains a virus file, then your asking for trouble.Its important to check the extension of the file, before you download it.


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