Comparing Twitter Advertising and

Twitter is growing at rapid pace and we all know it to be a huge advertising platform.
But how can a twitter user make money?
Twitter Advertising.

I heard about both these services from John Chow.

Comparison between Twitter Advertising and

Criteria 1: The Interface

Twitter Advertising will score high points than on this criteria.
They have an excellent interface similar to Twitter itself which is really a plus point.

Criteria 2: Sign Up options

Twitter Advertising allows new users, three methods of Sign Up. While allows only one method. The common method being OAuth is the one you should always choose. Oauth allows an external website to modify a user account (in this case a twitter account) but does not share the user's password. As a result your password is always secure.

Criteria 3: The Reach

Which service allows me to earn more money from twitter?

The two services have just started and so I really don't know which is the best compared to the market share. One tip we get from Kim Kardashian use both and Twitter advertising.

If you decide Twitter Advertising you should find this article from John Chow useful.


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