Monitoring your site traffic for free using Google Analytics in two easy steps.

Whether you have personal website or a blog, it is very important to know from where the new visitors are coming from. The easiest way you can do is by using Google Analytics. The following tutorial shows you how to use Google Analytics.
Step 1: Create a Google Analytics account

You don't have to register as a new user if you already using Gmail. Please do if you don't have a Google account.

Once you login with your Google account, you will see a signup link. Please click on that link.

You will now will  be asked to enter information like your site address (blog address), time zone and territory choose this wisely as you cannot edit this later.

Another page will be displayed to you which will ask your complete name and country. Please do so.

You will now see a page where it shows the terms and conditions, which you will have to accept.

Step 2 : Inserting the Google Analytics code in your website (or blog).

You will now see a new page which will have three checboxes.

Checkbox 1 : A single domain
You should select this option if you have a blog registered with a blogging service like blogger.

Checkbox 2 : One domain with multiple subdomains
Select this option if you have subdomains .(A subdomain is a domain that is part of a larger domain, the only domain that isn't also a subdomain is the root domain. For example, "" - ).

Checkbox 3 : Multiple Top-level domains
A top-level domain (TLD) is one of the domains at the highest level in the hierarchical Domain Name System of the Internet. Eg:-, ,

You will receive the Google Analytics code depending on which checkbox you choose. Insert it within the head tag of the page you want to monitor. Go to your blog (blogger) and then click on Layout. Click on "Edit Html" link. This  link will help you.

You can now monitor easily. Use it well.

To check whether Google Analytics is actually monitoring your website, please go to your account and click Edit.

               Please click on "Check Status" link to start monitoring your site.


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