Which virtualization software is required for Google Chrome OS?


Google has now released its new Google Chrome OS for the masses. You can download it easily using a torrent given at Piratebay as given by TechCrunch. You do require additional software to run Google Chrome OS which is known as a virtualization software. The links required to run Google Chrome OS are given below.

Quick links required to run/ download Google Chrome OS :

Piratebay    ( location  for Google Chrome OS image torrent)
uTorrent (required if you want to download Google Chrome OS image from PirateBay) 
Virtual Box ( virtualization software)

There are many virtualization softwares available on the internet. For example VirtualBox, VMware, Bochs and many more. However the best I can think of is VirtualBox. The reason why I choose VirtualBox is the fact that you don't need to register to get it like VMware. Therefore you require three things to run Google Chrome OS.

To see how to run Google Chrome OS using VirtualBox see  TechCrunch.


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