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It is sometimes frustrating that the Windows Media Player does not play all the files.

It tells you to download some additional plugins before it actually plays the file.

How about a media player that plays all your media files?

The player I am talking about is the MPlayer.
When nice people called the developers added a cool graphical user interface to it, it became SMplayer.

The most striking feature of SMPlayer is that you can carry it in a pen drive.
You can download it by clicking this SMPlayer download link
It comes in two formats the windows installer version and the portable zip version.

The best download portable version which you can carry in your pen drives.

Once you download it just unzip it and you will have a folder for the SMPlayer.

Just go inside the newly created folder.

You can start SMPlayer by double clicking the smplayer.exe file. You can now enjoy all your audio files like mp3 songs or video files like flv, avi or mp4 files from your pendrive.


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