Trends for 2010


This year saw the rise of  Twitter and Facebook. People are no longer using the sites that they once used.

Surprisingly The Huffington Post  even defeated the NYTimes in the news segment.

Coming back to Twitter, you can get news in real-time. This prompted Google to create its own real-time application Google Wave which did not become as popular. Even Orkut suffered as people choose Facebook.

People want news in real time!

Web applications have become smarter. The URLS have now become shorter. Online music sites have grown tremendously. Everyone is focused on user interface.

Social is the new way!

Both Google and Facebook have started using the social media in innovative ways. Both Google connect and Facebook connect are intended  to target a community rather than an individual user.

News on the go!

Mobile devices are becoming faster and are much better than desktop computers. People will watch live movies, news updates and much more on their cell phones.This market has a lot of potential.


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