Updating Twitter from facebook or updating Facebook using Twitter.


If you have both  Twitter and Facebook accounts, it is possible to update your Facebook account using Twitter and vice versa. There are available applications to suite your needs.

Facebook has built in applications. Check this Facebook application which is quite popular on Facebook.

You will need to login to your Facebook account and allow this application. After you do allow the application the permissions, you will be required to provide your twitter account username and password.
However, my advice will be wait till a better application is available. This application is buggy.

Facebook provides support for Twitter officially. But it is restricted to pages, not user accounts. The pages you created on facebook can be automatically update any twitter account.

In this link Facebook for Twitter, Facebook allows easy integration with Twitter for the pages we create on Facebook.

You can select what updates you want on your twitter account.

The best option is Hootsuite. You can update your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles from one place.


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