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Why does my Facebook and Twitter status, gets updated by itself?
A user's account gets updated by an application which the user has
granted access.

Click the following to remove Applications from




Whenever we want to play a quiz in Facebook, we have to allow the application special permissions.

After a user clicks the Allow button, these applications then can update a user's status message or send notifications as shown below:

The problem starts when these applications misbehave. Facebook has problems monitoring these crazy applications which are nothing but spamming users with irrelevant content.

However, there is a setting in Facebook that allows a user to remove unwanted applications.

Steps to disable or block an application in Facebook :

1. Just move your mouse on Settings at the top right corner. Click on 'Application Settings'.

2. A page will be displayed that gives a list of all applications that have access to update your Facebook account. Press the X close symbol next to the application, you want to disable.

3. A confirmation box will ask you whether you want to really remove the application. Click the Remove button.

4. A small window will confirm that the application was removed.


In order to use an application in Twitter we have to grant some rights to it.


The application can then post content (tweet) or provide some service to the user.

Steps to remove an application from Twitter :

1. Click on Settings at the top right hand side corner.

2. Click on Connections tab.

3. A list of applications will be shown.  Just click the Revoke access link for the application that you want to remove.
Note:  The application will be removed from this list next time you come to this page.


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