Search Giant Google to pull out of China?


It is clear to the  whole world how China is keen to impose censorship on the internet.
Google recently found out that Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights were hacked.

What troubled Google is the manner the accounts were hacked.

It was highly organized and a lot of money was spent just to hack specific accounts.

This proves how Chinese government is determined to clampdown any outlets of free speech. Google was also asked to filter its search results or shut down in operations in China by the Chinese authorities.

However the company has taken a stand to exit China, which is remarkable as the losses to the company will be huge.

Is Google right in exiting China?

Google has made it clear that it would be forced to shut shop in China. The attack seem to originate from China on most American companies in the Silicon Valley.

Google has in a way challenged the Chinese government, who always has its way in these matters.

Do the Chinese people care if Google shuts shop?
Most Chinese users use a different search engine Baidu.

There are reports that even Baidu was attacked recently by the Iranian Cyber Army that attacked Twitter . Is there a war between US and Chinese hackers, backed by government funding?

Google has 300 million Chinese users.

How will the Chinese react?
It is not certain how Chinese authorities will react.

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