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Google Webmaster Tools is a free service by Google that helps website owners and bloggers to add and manage their websites or blogs in Google's search pages and index.

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Google Webmaster Tools site Verification
Adding a sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

1. Go to Google Webmaster Tools home. Click on Add a site button.

2. Once you add your site or blog, you will need to verify your site. You will need to copy the code provided in the head tag of your website. For Blogger blogs follow these steps:

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Steps to verify a Blogger blog for Google Webmaster Tools


  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard. Click on  Layout. Click on the Edit HTML  tab for your Blog.
  2. Always backup your blogger template, before you make any changes to it. Add the code after the head tag (<head>).
  3. Save your blogger template.
  4. In Google Webmaster Tools press the Verify button.

Once this is done, you can then add a sitemap.

Steps to add a sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools
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   1. On the Google Webmaster Tools dashboard, click the blog or website you want to add the sitemap.
   2. Under Site configuration, click Sitemaps.

3. Click the Submit a sitemap button. In the text box, complete the path to your Sitemap.
For Blogger blogs you can submit an atom feed.
Enter atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500 in the text box. If you have blog posts greater than 500 use 1000 instead of 500.


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