The mistakes I did that almost killed my blogger blog

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These mistakes almost destroyed my blog. I wish to share these mistakes with you so that you might learn from them.

Mistake 1: I thought of only making money

I know this is the primary motive of many bloggers, however there are a lot more things involved other than money. I remember bombarding the users with Google AdSense advertisements. However this strategy didn't work. Google penalized my blog for this approach and so did other search engines like Yahoo and Bing.

I realized much later that you should provide real value to your visitors, so that they are compelled to visit you blog again.

Mistake 2: My blog was not search engine friendly

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing help you to promote your blog. I ignored them. As a result I blog never got loyal visitors. There are some important points to make your blog search engine friendly.  Thankfully I corrected my mistake.

1.An article to make your blog title search engine friendly
2. Making images search engine friendly

Mistake 3 : I did not use FeedBurner 

FeedBurner is important. Believe me it goes a long way to promote your blog.

Adding FeedBurner to blog

Mistake 4 :  Did not use Analytics

There are a variety of tools that are free like Google Analytics. 
These tools help a blog owner or website administrators to know important information about vistors.

Mistake 5 : Ignoring quality content

Most website publishers and blog writers just copy from another site and paste it on their pages.  Always make your article readable and unique.


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