Removing a virus with the help of Linux

Stop computer virus

Most viruses are meant for Windows operating system. With the help of a Linux based operating system like Ubuntu, you can easily remove viruses from your computer.

I prefer using Virtual Box which helps you to install an operating system within an operating system.

My computer was infected using wmicvrts.exe virus. It was a trojan. It hid itself deep into my system. To be precise it was present in the system32 folder inside Windows. 

To remove it I went to the system32 folder using Linux and then removed it. You will need to be logged in as root to delete the file.

This method is also useful to remove viruses present in portable drives. Generally a virus is not seen in a portable drive when you use Windows. However when you access the drive using Ubuntu you can see something like a locked icon present with an exe. This is a virus. 


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