Google and Metaweb is equal to smarter way to store data.

The recent acquisition of Google of a small company called Metaweb, has opened a new dimension to Google's already vast array of products. So why did Google actually buy Metaweb?

What is Metaweb?
Metaweb helps site owners, bloggers, and developers make their sites richer and more engaging. In short Metaweb with its Freebase service is indexing and collecting vast user generated data. This is a recent shift in how data is actually organised.

However, the Metaweb purchase has allowed Google to lay its hand on Freebase Gridworks.

What is Gridworks?
Gridworks allows users to store and organize data locally on their computer. They have an option to upload their data to Freebase. Also data can be imported from spreadsheets and csv files.


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