Adding a Twitter Button to show followers on your website or blog


Twitter allows a variety of widgets, buttons and mobile applications that can be added to blogs, mobile devices and websites. However it is important that you add gadgets that are provided only by Twitter.

1. Go to the official official Twitter button page. You may be required to sign in to your twitter account.

2. Notice that the Tabs. You can also change the Tweet Text, URL and the Language Select the button that blends with your website or blog layout.
3. Select the required Twitter account.

4.Copy and paste it to an area where you want the button to appear.

Add Twitter code to Blogger Gadget

5.For Blogger blogs, paste the above code inside the HTML / JavaScript  gadget provided by blogger.

Also see how you can a twitter gadget to blogger.


Anonymous said...

Mine is not working ....what will i do

Anonymous said...

mine is not working ooooooooooooooo

sjmach said...

@Anonymous: What did you try?

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