The beginner's guide to today's mobile or cell phone technology

We just can't live without mobile or cell phones today.

The new generation of touch screen phones have changed how we perceive a cell phone. So what are the various things related to this revolution?

What is a mobile or cell phone OS?
A cell phone OS (operating system) is similar to a computer desktop OS like Windows or Linux. The main function of any operating system to make a device manageable.

What is Android OS?
Android is a mobile or a cell phone operating system developed by Google.
Android is based on the Linux kernel, and is by far more open to development unlike other mobile operating systems. Currently the sales of android devices have outnumbered those running other operating systems in August this year in the US.

Devices running Android OS include HTC Desire, Motorola Backflip, Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 and Samsung Galaxy phones.

What is iOS?
The iOS mobile operating system was developed by Apple for iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices. It does not support Adobe's Flash technology ( a technology widely used for video sharing sites like YouTube).

What is Symbian OS?
The Symbian OS was developed by Nokia for it cell phone and mobile devices.

Nearly 46% smartphone or similar devices today run on the Symbian OS.

What is Windows Mobile?
Windows Mobile is a mobile operating system developed by Microsoft. It is inspired by Microsoft's Windows operating system.

What is an App store?
An App store (application store) was first introduced by Apple. Users can download various free or paid applications for their mobile devices from an App store.
Eg: Apple Apps Store

Apple's App Store contains more than 250,000 iOS applications which is by far the largest for any mobile device today. However the Android Apps store (also know as Android Market) is fast catching up with Apple for the number of applications.


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