Top three free services to make your web page address short

It is not uncommon to see a website address  like  It seems everyone is obsessed with a URL shortener. But why should a URL shortener should be used?

If you don't know what a URL shortener is, just have a look at this post.

Take a look at this free tools:

1. is rumored to start the URL shortening business.  What is good about is that it is free to use and is very customizable.
url_shortenet_bit_dot_ly is the favorite among Twitter users and is highly reliable. You can even customize the URLs like Notice the Blogger_blogs_in_mobile. 

You can actually customize the text after

2. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is available both as paid and free editions.

HootSuite is a website and online brand management service, which publishes to websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, MySpace.


Google URL Shortener

If you want things to be very simple, try this free service from Google. You can manage your links easily if you have a Google account.


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