Basics of Search Engine Optimization for your website or blog

Search engines like Google use more than 200 parameters to rank pages in their index.

However there are some basics that every site owner and blogger must know.

Make your presence felt

After you write a couple of articles, it is important that you tell the search engines that your website exists.
Please have a look at this article Submit your website or blog to search engines.

Choose the right keywords

Keywords tell search engines about the content of your site. It is very important to have relevant keywords.
This article on keywords can help you to find suitable keywords for your site.

Image optimization

Even images can get you traffic. However you have to make them search engine and user friendly. If you don't know, just visit this link: making images seo friendly.

Give suitable title to pages and blog posts

It is very important to give suitable names to your pages and blog posts. To know more have a look at this article: making really good page titles.

Know more by reading this article to drive more traffic to your website or blog.


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