How to add a new contact in web versions of Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail messengers

Google, Yahoo and Hotmail have all integrated their web chat services with their respective email services.

But it is really difficult to find some options like adding a contact.

How to add a contact in Yahoo mail web messenger?
Just press I

1.Click on the small triangle next to Compose Message button
2. Select Instant Message.

Add the yahoo id of the person you want to chat with.

How to add a contact in Gmail web messenger?

1. Enter the email id in the text box provided below Chat
2. Click Invite to Chat 

How to add a contact in Windows Live / Hotmail  web messenger?
1.Move the mouse pointer over the Messenger text at the top navigation pane

2. Click on Add friends

3. Enter the email address and click next button

4. Click on the Invite button


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