The Google Chrome plugin

attachments-me-logo continues to impress.
The new Google Chrome Plugin does a lot of useful things.

You will need to install the Google Chrome Plugin

Sending large attachments (files) in Gmail
Gmail only allows a user to send 25 MB of data (total attachment size) per email.

When you connect to your DropBox, Box or Google Drive accounts you can send large attachments within Gmail itself.


Share from Cloud
You can share all your files inside your DropBox, Box or Google Drive accounts as attachments in Gmail

Send file to Cloud & share
You can upload new files to  your DropBox, Box or Google Drive accounts. After the upload is complete you can just send them as attachments.

Send all attachments from replies to Cloud


With this option all attachments set by other to your Gmail account will automatically get stored inside a folder within  your DropBox, Box or Google Drive accounts. supports rules


The above image show a rule where I have specified that all jpeg images sent to me on my Gmail account should be saved in a folder called images in my Google Drive account.


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