Facebook mobile website versus the Facebook mobile application


Facebook has a strong base of 600 million plus users.
The number of users who use Facebook on mobile is increasing.

You can access Facebook on a mobile phone using:
  • By accessing the Facebook mobile site 
  • By using the default Facebook application that comes bundled with your  phone
There are reasons why users are preferring the first method.



The Facebook mobile site is really faster than the Facebook mobile application.

The Facebook mobile application loads after 6-10 seconds after you provide your credentials.
Compare this to the 5 second loading of the Facebook mobile website

(Test conducted on 1 GHz processor powered Android phone running Ice Cream Sandwich)


The mobile website has the same look as the mobile app. However the mobile application does give you the irritating notification in the notification bar if your friends post something.

Memory usage

The mobile application uses a lot of memory. All you need is a browser to open the mobile website and thus uses much less memory.


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