Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Player Pro : A professional music player for your Android phone


There are a lot of music players present at Google Play.
They are free and feature rich like N7 music player.

Player Pro is not free but if you are willing to pay a small amount, you will have one of the best apps ever made to play music.


The Player Pro has a typical dashboard interface, playlists, genres and folder views which is seen in most modern players. The current playing song is always displayed at the bottom of the screen.




The equalizer is powerful and comes bundled with a set of presets.
It is very easy to use and highly customizable.

Player Pro also has a separate DSP pack at Google Play for free.


You can choose between 5 different home screen widgets with a wide range of configurable options.

Also there are 2 different lock screen widgets (4x2 and 4x4) with a wide range of configurable options: unlock slider selection, skip tracks using volume buttons, swipe gestures, background selection, controls selection, time display, skin selection, etc.

Built -in Sleep Timer

Shake to Switch

Download Player Pro Music Player
Player Pro for Android - Full Version
Player Pro for Android - Trial version 

Ratings: 4.5 / 5

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