Getting started with BitTorrent Sync : Unlimited File Syncing for free


The BitTorrent Sync service allows a user to store unlimited files for free.

The torrent giant is challenging to get a foothold in a highly competitive file syncing space which is already crowded by heavyweights like Dropbox, Google's Drive and Microsoft's OneDrive online storage services.

The service works pretty well on both desktop and mobile (bugs on android app).

How BitTorrent Sync works?
You install BitTorrent Sync on your desktop
1. Install BitTorrent Sync for Android or Bittorrent Sync for iOS
2. Add Sync folders
3. Get a QR code for that folder by doing a right click, Connect mobile device option
 More information at :

4. Select Receive Files option in Bittorrent sync mobile app

4.Scan the QR code  so that the folder is sync with your desktop.


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