Offtime - An app that helps you to get away from your Smartphone


Offtime as the name suggests is an app available for Android devices that helps you to focus on things that matter.

It helps you to get away from your smartphone and as a user you choose when and how long  you want to disconnect from your digital life.

 How to use Offtime?
 The idea behind offtime is simple, you chose a profile and the application does the rest.

Each profile has certain characteristics. E.g. When you use the Focused Work profile in offtime, you cannot receive an SMS or a call.

How Offtime works using a profile
  1.  A user needs to select a particular profile to use offtime. After a profile is selected, a user enters the amount of time he needs this profile to be active.
  2. After a user clicks on the OFFTIME button, he or she has to tap on the screen once and wait for one minute till that profile becomes active. 
You can also create custom profiles in Offtime. 

How to stop offtime?
A user taps once on the screen. Offtime displays a notification that whether you want to disable the profile and use the phone for normal use.

If the user selects "Yes",  he or she has to wait for 60 seconds again.

Offtime Custom message
What happens if you receive a call when you have disabled receiving calls?
The call gets cancelled. However, you can configure offtime to send custom messages as seenin the image.

Offtime not allowing to start Gmail app when you are "Working"and disabling offtime profile

Offtime restricts a user from opening Gmail and WhatsApp too. You are however allowed to use your phone for calling as you might be in an emergency when you have set a particular profile.

You can only use your phone for Calling  when you are in Focused Work profile.

Download OFFTIME using Google Play


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