Using Wickr a Privacy focussed messenger for Desktop and mobile


Snapchat allowed users to send pictures and text that would self destruct once the receiver receives them on his mobile.

Wickr is one step ahead, as it allows users to send data across devices including a desktop or Mac in a more secure way.

How Wickr works?
Once you install wickr, you need to have a unique username. The password you set at the startup cannot be reset again.

Wickr can be installed on multiple devices
Wickr has and advantage over WhatsApp as it can be installed on multiple devices. You give each of your device a unique name. You use the same username and password across devices.

Privacy control
You need to search for your friends on Wickr using his/her username. The friend needs to accept your request and only after that you can send him/her messages. You can even schedule the duration of messages in Wickr just like Snapchat, the maximum time is 6 days and minimum is 3 seconds.

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