Food Panda Android App Review : Should you use it?


There are lot of food ordering startups coming up in India.
Even Zomato has recently made a forray in the food ordering business.

In this article we will review the Food Panda app, one of the pioneers in the food ordering business in India.

The  Food Panda AndroidApp

The one word review for this App will be : Bakwaas (A hindi language equivalent of Crap)

We have come across this review after trying to order food tow times from Food Panda. The points are as follows:

1. Food Panda Bugs

The android application is filled with horrifying bugs:

Too many bugs - Food Panda
The android application is filled with bugs.  We were able to take a screenshot as seen above.  We were using a Nexus 5 device with the latest version of Android 5.1.1

The users should not be shown these messages.

2. Late SMS confirmation

We received an order confirmation message after an hour. We got this after a personnel from Food Panda notified us that the restaurant would not be able to deliver us food and if we would like to cancel.

3.  App UI Loading times

Too slow Panda, are you sleeping?
We found that the Food Panda app was pretty slow. It was even slower than waiting for a cab confirmation from Uber or Ola apps (yes, it was that slow).

We were using Wi-Fi for our tests. Imagine the performance if we were on a 2G connection!

: 1 / 5


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