Keeping your data on your Android phone safe using KeepSafe


KeepSafe is a free service that helps you to keep your data safe on your Android and iOS device.

With this free service you can safely store your pictures, videos and documents in a secure vault.

KeepSafe PIN
As soon as you install KeepSafe Android App, you need to setup a security pin so that any one else does not have access to your data.

The interface is divided into 5 sections.

Main Album - It contains the main pictures you want to easily access by default all pictures go here

Cards & IDs - You can keep data related to your identity cards and also credit/debit cards here

Significant other - The pictures of your loved ones can be kept here

Videos - A folder for private videos

Thrash - Anything that you delete goes to the thrash folder.

KeepSafe Premium

The Premium option gives you additional storage and security options.


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