Things to consider before buying a brand new Google Chromecast


What is Google Chromecast?
Google Chromecast is a streaming device that helps a user to cast (screen mirror) videos and photos using a mobile device to a TV or and HDMI enabled monitor using wifi.

In this post we look at things which potential buyers of Google Chromecast need to consider.

1. TV


This is by far the most important decision to be made.
How many HDMI  and USB ports does the TV have? How much space does it occupy?

Google Chromecast needs a dedicated HDMI port. Once you install it, it can drive power from a USB port. So 1 USB and 1 HDMI port of the TV will always be occupied.

2. Internet Connection

Google Chromecast is a streaming device. So it requires a good internet connection. Anything less than 2 Mbps will result in a poor experience (2 Mbps is bare minimum).

3. Chromecast version

There are three versions (generations) of Google Chromecast.  The first generations is now redundant. The third generation offers 4K support but you will need a TV that supports 4K. The third generation is also pricey. The best bet currently is the second generation.

4. Casting Apps

The most neglected part of using a Google Chromecast are the apps. There are tons of apps that now support Google Chromecast like YouTube. Also have a look at Localcast, that allows you to stream local content from your mobile device.


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