Opera VPN - Free VPN app for Android and iOS devices

Opera Vpn - Free Vpn app for your android and iOS device

Opera VPN is a free VPN by Opera for android and iOS devices.

It has a lot of cool features that are not available in most commercial VPN service providers.

What are the different features of Opera VPN?
1. Hide your IP address and get a different IP address from a particular country 

Browse from US and Canada

Opera VPN allows users to select a region particular region like United States and Canada.

2.  Block irritating ads and trackers on websites

Block ads and Trackers using Opera VPN
Advertisers assign an advertising id to users and this helps them to track user activity and know how they are using apps and website.

3. Test Wifi Settings

test wifi settings opera vpn

Opera VPN can also test any wifi settings to check security loopholes .

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