How to prevent your facebook account from getting hacked?

Use facebook securely

Facebook offers a lot of security features and options that help to protect your account.

However, most users don't use these features and as a result, their accounts end up getting hacked.

What are the different ways to secure your Facebook account?
The different ways  to secure your account using Facebook Security settings are as follows:

1. Enable Login Alerts

The login alerts feature notifies the user when and from where the Facebook account was accessed.

Login alerts settings in facebook


As soon as you enable this setting, you will get a notification on Facebook and also on email.

2. Enable Login Approvals

login approval notification in facebok

If you enable Login approvals,  you will get a notification on your mobile device which contains the Facebook app.

code login facebook

You can also alternatively enable two factor authentication in Facebook where you will get a code via SMS if you have added a valid phone number.

3. Remove unrecognised devices from your account along with old devices

remove unrecognised devices in Facebook

As you use Facebook, there will be old and unrecognised devices that you don't use anymore. You can easily remove them.

4. Review the devices which are currently using the Facebook account 

check Active sessions in Facebook

You should remove the devices which you don't recognise or use from this list.


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