Should you buy a FireTV or a Chromecast?


Amazon FireTV 2 and Google Chromecast 2 are one of the best living room devices available. (other than Roku and Apple TV).

So which one should you buy?

The Price

Google Chromecast 2 costs $35.00 dollars Amazon Fire TV 2 costs about $39.99 dollars. Google Chromecast is the clear winner here. However, on special days like Amazon Prime Days you can get a FireTV 2 for about $20 dollars.

The Apps and Software


The Google Home App lets you configure your Chromecast. It does nothing more. The Amazon FireTV app lets you control your FireTV (like a remote).

In terms of easy of use Google Chromecast is the clear winner hands down. You can cast your videos on YouTube or on Netflix using a cast button.  All you need is an Android device or an iOS device with apps that support casting like YouTube.


FireTV targets people who prefer the native TV experience. You can install new apps and also side-load additional android apps (install apps not available in Amazon FireTV Appstore).

The clear winner in terms of features is FireTV. You can also use your TV remote to control FireTV.


Google Chromecast makes total sense if you just want to cast casual videos and value simplicity. Amazon FireTV gives you a holistic TV experience that is totally worth the price given you buy it on Amazon Prime day Sale.


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