Google AdSense More Secure?

AdSense LogoTo give publishers more control and security concerning advertisement code, Google Adsense Team recently launched the Allowed Sites list feature.

The Allowed Sites list, which you'll find by clicking the Allowed Sites link under your 'AdSense Setup' tab, is the place for you to list sites or URLs where you want to allow your advertisements to appear. Sites that aren't on your list can still display ads using your ad code.however, impressions and clicks for these sites won't appear in your reports, advertisers won't be charged, and you won't receive any earnings from them.

To create your Allowed Sites list today:

Visit your AdSense Setup tab, click the Allowed Sites sub-tab, and choose the radio button for Only allow certain sites to show ads for my account. You'll then be able to enter allowed URLs for all your sites. Make sure to keep your list up to date when you add your code to new sites, too.


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