How to use Utorrent safely


is a cool file sharing application ,but like Limewire it can be exploited by hackers ,so it is important to use it wisely.

When you Install Utorrent and run it for the first time ,please skip the Speed Guide test by pressing cancel and yes.

To search just enter what you want inside the search box provided at the top right extreme.The default provider is Mininova , you should not change it unless you are an expert in using Utorrent.

When you hit enter you will be taken to the main Mininova site.
Please read the comments before downloading any torrent.This is really important because the torrent files may have viruses.

If you want to search by categories ,just click the categories tab.

When you click on the link you will see the download window as below:

Click ok.

The download will start as below .The default folder for download is My documents/Downloads.

Even if you close the main window of Utorrent it is present near at the bottom right corner of your screen.So if you want to close it permanently right click and click exit.

Please Check this Video for more Information:-


sjmach said...

Please see this updated Article on how to use Torrents safely

Sudhir Gaur said...

when i use u torrent for downloading something it shutdown my computer & shows blue-screen error. Is it an attack of virus or something else? Please suggest me how can I overcome form this problem & can use torrent software for downloading once again?

sjmach said...

@Sd Gaur : It is quite possible that you have been infected by a trojan or a virus.

Boot in safe mode by pressing F8 function key and then use an antivirus software to scan the hard disk.

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