How to use Torrents safely


The search engine Google was kind enough to put my two and a half year article as number one, in it's index for particular keywords. Things have changed a lot since then.

Mininova  is now dead thanks to a lawsuit and is now only a distribution channel.

This article aims at helping a user to use torrents safely.

There are three areas for concern
1. A torrent client like Utorrent
2. A website from where you download torrents

How to use uTorrent safely?

During uTorrent Installation

1. Download uTorrent from the official website at this link: uTorrent Downloads.Make sure you download only the latest stable version.
2.  When you double click the downloaded file and install it.
3. When you are installing uTorrent please look at one of the following screens shown below carefully

This is important because as soon as you log in to Windows, uTorrent continues to work in the background does taking all the bandwidth.

4. It seems uTorrent has an agreement with Microsoft which seems evident below:

Make sure you don't make uTorrent Web Search powered by bing as your Homepage. Google is much better.

 Never search for torrents inside uTorrent. Please use a site like The Pirate Bay.

Things to know when downloading a Torrent or using a Website that gives you torrent files

1. Downloading torrents is free, it can be illegal in your country but it is free. Websites that ask you money are fake.
2. Always download torrent files after reading user comments. It is a well known fact that some hackers use torrents to spread viruses. Make sure the file you are downloading is not flagged as a virus in user comments.


Unknown said...

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