Illegal IMEI number phones to be banned in India

The International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI  is a number. It is unique to every GSM and WCDMA and iDEN mobile phone. It is also used in satellite phones. An IMEI number helps to block a mobile phone if it is stolen. A user whose mobile(cell) phone is stolen is required to provide the IMEI number of the stolen device to the GSM network operator (eg: Vodafone).

If you have a Chinese illegal mobile phone in India, it cannot be used after 30 November 2009. The illegal Chinese phones have the same IMEI number and are thus considered a security risk.

To check if your IMEI  number is valid.

Step 1: Please press IMEI  *#06# to see your IMEI number.

Step 2: Please see this link : Amit Bhawani .


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