How the seven lessons from KungFu Panda are applicable to a person who wants to earn money online.


KungFu Panda Mantis
I recently saw the Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five movie. It really inspired me and taught me some really important lessons, which are extremely important if you want to earn money online.

Lesson 1: Patience

KungFu Panda Mantis

To earn money online, you need to be very patient. Initially there will hardly be any traffic on your website. It takes time for your content to get indexed by search engines. It takes time to make quality content, which is really unique.

Lesson 2: Courage 


KungFu Panda Viper

Most people are afraid to try new things. You have to make your website or blog interesting to visitors. They should be compelled to visit your site again. Be bold enough to try something new. This can make a big difference in increasing the number of users.

KungFu Panda Crane
Lesson 3: Just be yourself (even if your are skinny)

The most important thing in any website or blog is the content. The content which you have should be unique and of real good quality. Give people what they want and they will love you for it.

Lesson 4: Learn to control your emotions

Kung Fu Panda Tigress

What should you do?
It is natural as you get more traffic on your website, some people might try to spoil it. Maybe someone doesn't disagree with you and makes it evident by commenting something real bad.
Don't delete the comment right away. Handle the situation well by asking more details. Most of the times people commenting are really good. Be bold enough to accept your mistakes.

Lesson 5: Really be good to others

Kung Fu Panda Monkey

Just be good to your visitors, no matter from which country they come from. Treat everyone fair and equally. Empathize with your visitors. Be good to them, get good in return.


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