Writing tips by Tom and Jerry

Toma and Jerry image Have your ever wondered why even today Tom and Jerry cartoons make us laugh?
In order to make money online you will need really good content.

Make your articles unique

Most website publishers and blog writers just copy from another site and paste it on their pages. Just think of Tom and Jerry cartoons as each episode has something unique. Make your articles different and unique. Give users what they want and make it easily accessible.

Make your articles easily readable

You may have very well written articles, but what is the use of them if they are not readable to visitors?
I would suggest using default fonts like Times New Roman. I would recommend Verdana and Georgia fonts which are highly readable. Use small paragraphs and highlight words and sentences wisely. Always use a spellchecker tool, before you put your content online.

Don't write very long articles

It is a bad habit of many bloggers to write very long articles. Most of the time they forget the subject entirely. Stick to the topic while writing articles. Remember the main aim of Tom and Jerry episodes was always to make viewers laugh. Always remember to KISS (Keep It Short and Sweet).

However there are always exceptions to every rule. If you have a tutorial based website, you can have every long articles.

Have a clear picture about the article beforehand

Even before you write do some research on the internet. Choose the title of the article wisely, as it will get quickly indexed by search engines if it has good keywords.

tom and jerry picture

Study your competition

Always study your competition. Believe me you will learn a lot from them. Always take something good from your competition. Learn from the mistakes of others, and also from your own.


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