Why join Technorati?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Why join Technorati?

There are millions of Blog directories on the internet.
But why join Technorati?

Technorati is the number one Blog directory site. It has a large audience on the internet and has a huge database of articles and blog posts. It is a must for every blog.

To join Technorati proceed to this link.

What are tags in Technorati?
Tags allows users to easily find articles related to a patrticular topic. You should fill them wisely.

What is a Claim in Technorati?

Technorati wants to verify whether you are actually the author of your blog. So you will be required to fill for a claim. To claim a blog you will be required to add small code in one of your blog posts. For me the claim code is VV5MKMAV897G.

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