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Wikipedia is in a big mess. Can it really survive?

How will we do when Wikipedia: The world's largest online encyclopedia goes down.

What went wrong with Wikipedia?

The simple answer is Wikipedia is not a profit making site. It survives on donations from people like you and me. During the recession, Wikipedia did not find so many donors. As a result, Wikipedia is struggling.

But why Wikipedia is asking for money now?

The simple answer is people at Wikipedia never anticipated they would be in such a mess. Wikipedia has grown from a small website to one of the most visited websites in the world. The amount of technology to sustain it, is state of the art and is very expensive.

Will Wikipedia collapse?

I am not a prophet. I definitely want it to stay as I need it. But if it does not find new donors, Wikipedia will surely collapse.

What can I do to help and save Wikipedia?

As a concerned netizen, you can donate in small amounts. You should go here. If you can't donate, you can spread the message that Wikipedia needs help.


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