Adding a Facebook application to a Page or a profile

Facebook_logoAfter you have created a Facebook application as described in the previous post, you can add it to your profile or an application fan page.

How to create a new tab in Facebook?
A new tab can be created in Facebook using the Static FBML application provided in Facebook.

How to add a  Facebook application to a Page or a profile?
An application can be added to a  Profile page or an Application Fan page by following the given steps.

1. Search for FBML application in facebook.

2. You will find the FBML application in the search results. Click the link for the application.

3. Once you see the Static FBML page click on the Add to my Page link.

4. A small window will be shown, just click on the Add to Page button next to the application you want on the page.

5. Click on the small  + Button that appears in your profile (or in an aplication fan page).

6. Enter the application name in the Search Available tabs text input.

Thank you Valerie for your comment. Create your own application in Facebook by using this post .


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