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YouTube recently added a new disco feature a.k.a.YouTube Music Discovery project.

To see the new feature in action go to this link atYouTube Music discovery .

Skip to video tutorial for YouTube Music discovery
1. After you go to the page. Select the artist you like. I selected Jay-Z.

2. A page will be displayed showing all videos related to that artist.

2. To the left corner you will see the playlist. The playlist allows a user to add and delete videos. It also allows a user to save a playlist, so that the videos can be played later.

3. You will also see an artist information sectionto the right which gives some really useful info.

4. A user can search and add videos to the playlist from the Artist Videos tab. The Mix tape shows similar genre songs belonging to the same or other artists. The Related Artists tab shows other artists for the same genre of music.

YouTube Music Discovery


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