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Google will soon discontinue with Google pages as it has lead to a lot of issues.
The fact is that many people like me who have blogs have used it as a dumping ground for css, javascript and icon files.

Also, hackers are using it to upload illegal files. So Google is just moving content from Google pages to Google sites. What will this do is that it will not allow a blog/website to link to a file directly.

So what are the alternative for online storage for storing files like ico, images and word documents which are free and secure?

Microsoft Skydrive

It has a massive 25 GB storage space. Yes you can link files like icon (.ico) files (these files are small image files which you can see in the address bar of a web browser). Please go here Microsoft Skydrive.


Ujjwal Trivedi said...

Thanks for the info...quite useful.

sjmach said...

Thanks Ujwal.

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