How to display blog posts on a mobile device


Mobile devices like iPhone, Blackberry and many more have improved significantly. Even Google is also keen on this new market.

To make your blog posts compatible for a mobile device all you will need is an RSS feed.

For bloggers who are using the Blogger platform, your feed address is like All you need to do is add atom.xml after your blog address.

For me it is
Now we will use a Google Reader to display posts

The code which is in bold is necessary. The rest depends on your feed.
I also have a Feedburner feed. This will make the above code as

If you are using Google AdSense for your feeds, then this  code will become

Just create a link called 'Mobile' on your blog and make it point to the URL that suits you.

Make sure the link opens in a new browser window.

To open a webpage or a URL in a new tab (Mozilla Firefox) or a new browser window (Internet Explorer) just make sure that target attribute is set to _blank.


sm said...

good information
thanks for sharing

sjmach said...

Thank you SM. I visited your blog. Did you know you can also remove that navigation bar at the top of your blog. It is important as it takes your visitor away from your blog.

sjmach said...

Blogger now allows this option by default:
Blogger blogs on mobile device

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